December 31, 2012

Literary award "ER" Nominee: Julian Assange, Washington vs humanity

Julian Assange  

Julian Assange - September 5 at 00:00
For almost a year, I go bound with an electronic bracelet. My life goes on under the strict control and supervision. Every day, I report to the police and have no right to leave. I'm under house arrest.

Envy and hatred some influential people, international corporations and nations can spoil my mood, but do not spoil the karma. I live an exile in East Anglia, in the estate of his good friend (the owner of London's Frontline Club journalism club Vaughan Smith. - "ER"). The main advantage of my solitary life - a walk in the forest, communing with nature. Today's brood saw fawns. This is a rare moment of bliss. My daily activities are still associated with risk and releases adrenaline that any other extreme sports pales in comparison. While ten years ago, I rode a motorcycle from Saigon to Hanoi, and I'm scared like. But so does my father in his sixties. He recently on a motorcycle came to me from London.

December 20, 2012

Zero Dark 30 - Senate Armed Services Cte

Well this a US best joke from Carl Levin and John McCain, Senate Armed Services Committee... preaching Sony Pictures on Zero Dark 30 movie.

How Sweden Collaborated With CIA on Renditions and Framing of Assange

By his own admission, Sweden’s Ambassador to Australia Mr. Sven-Olof Petersson had advanced knowledge of the CIA rendition flight that took place on December 18, 2001 from Stockholm to Egypt. This flight ended in Egyptian nationals Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery being illegally rendered and tortured. Mr. Petersson’s admission comes from a statement to the Swedish Parliament’s Constitutional Committee, confirming that he attended a briefing on December 17, 2001 at which the rendition process was finalized.

December 16, 2012

Resolution 6: We must defend Julian Assange

This is the sixth of seven resolutions unanimously adopted at the first national convention of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) which was held from 6 to 9 April 2012 in Sydney.

December 14, 2012

Jeremy Hammond: disclosure of Stratfor files a moral imperative protected by First Amendment

Investigation by internet is just another form of research, not a criminal act. Wikileaks’ media partners (see list below) that published the Stratfor (GIF) files have a moral responsibility to support Jeremy Hammond – the alleged source of those files and who is threatened with life imprisonment – given that they directly benefited from his investigation. Further, that there are millions of people around the world who similarly benefited from the publication of the Stratfor files clearly demonstrates that their disclosure was emphatically in the public interest and therefore protected under US law by the First Amendment.

December 10, 2012

Ecuador criticized for freedom of expression at the UN

The Ecuadorian delegation left satisfied their presentation and the recommendations given by 75 countries evaluated the fulfillment of human rights in the second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was applied to the country in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization (UN).

Ecuador is a climate of polarization evident between the media and the power that has been the President

It is not difficult, then, to confuse freedom of expression
with freedom of enterprise"

The tension between the media and the Ecuadorian government fell after the elections of 30 September, where President Correa was widely supported to amend the constitution. However, Ecuador is a climate of polarization evident between the media and the power that has been the president will announce that no more press conferences while maintaining the open confrontation. The position of the country to Reporters Without Borders continues improvement process begun a year earlier, although it is far from his best records. This makes the development of journalism is partly free.

The Assange Case: Sex with Lawyers

Excerpt from Sex with Lawyers... a very accurate post on the Assange Swedish's rape case... full refresher accurately worked from the Sweden Legal Protocols. Travel here for the full post

What happens if there really isn’t a season ticket?

December 7, 2012

Assange is fighting not running

Assange: Not running, fighting

Much of the mainstream media is deliberately missing the point... and the facts. Julian Assange is not running from anything, he's fighting for justice.  

Questions for Bob Carr FM to ask USA

Real questions for Bob Carr

A new poster series with some real questions Foreign Minister Bob Carr should be asking the US administration.
Thanks for content to Bernard Keane who has written a great article for Crikey magazine entitled "Bob Carr, in full flight from the facts on Assange". Here's an extract:

As Assange laid out carefully in his interview with the ABC on Friday morning, there is copious evidence on the public record of a US investigation into Assange. The evidence has emerged during the trial of Bradley Manning, evidence has come from witnesses like David House who have been subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury pursuing Assange, evidence has come from the efforts of Twitter and Twitter account holders to fight subpoenas relating to the investigation.

December 5, 2012

How Australia can end the Assange stalemate

Australia can help Julian Assange negotiate his legal problems while remaining consistent with the norms of international law and with the level of assistance that would be offered to other Australians, writes Donald Rothwell.

December 4, 2012

Attempts to take Assange to America would only take place after legal proceedings are concluded in Sweden

The article in the Independent, 9 Dec 2010, is also very well informed. Written by Kim Sengupta, Diplomatic Correspondent for "The Independent". The Independent, and the Evening Standard, owned by Alexander Lebedev, a Russian oligarch living in London. They often have different news.

December 3, 2012

Julian Assange: The Web can create revolutions — or jail revolutionaries

The WikiLeaks editor argues that the Internet makes revolution possible, but also massive government surveillance

You are legally liable for tweets

A British politician is seeking damages from high-profile Twitter users who repeated or retweeted a false report linking him to child sex abuse. The former Conservative Party official, Alistair McAlpine, is also asking lower-profile Twitter users who libeled him to apologize and make a dona-tion to charity. The United Kingdom is notorious for its plaintiff-friendly defamation laws — but what about in the United States? Could an American be sued for libel based on tweets, too?

December 1, 2012

Sweden is rotten to the core, their compliance to US

Unfortunate but true: Sweden is rotten to the core 

SOP confirms that he attended the meeting on 17 december when the expulsion was decided. His denial of the Foreign Office was aware that the U.S. was involved in the bounce was later refuted in Eva Franckells book about Anna Lind. She shows that both Anna Lind, Thomas Bodström and Persson knew.

Christmas wishes for #Assange, @Hammond, @Anakata @BarrettBrownLOL

Addresses here

Two Years of Cablegate as Bradley Manning Testifies for the First Time

Thursday, November 29th, Bradley Manning testified for the first time since his arrest two and a half years ago in Baghdad. Today also marks the two-year anniversary of the first front pages around the world from Cablegate, an archive of 251,287 U.S. State Department diplomatic cables -- messages sent between the State Department and its embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions around the world. In collaboration with a network of more than 100 press outlets we revealed the full spectrum of techniques used by the United States to exert itself around the world.
The young intelligence analyst Bradley Manning was detained as an alleged source.

WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin

WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin
our new development will be placed at the ACT