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As this case is based in sweet Sweden, we are facing a language barrier which we are successfully removing out of the way.  The Assange case was meant to kept the public on the dark, because we care about honest fair 'Justice' we are saving what we can to help out and keep you informed.

Rixstep News is amazingly twitting in conjunction with Under The Mat and Flashback, great guys and I am happy to trot behind them although I wish google would be more accurate with its translations.

FLASHBACKERS, I started compiling these ones via Rixstep twits, they carry the original link from the boys analysing the legal documentation and the reasoning for the whole case on Julian Assange.

The posts in this blog are easy to find as I tagged them Flashback-Rixstep.  They are original forum discussions  and I only Google-translate text, graphics I am not able to translate them.

I hope what you find here is of help to find Julian's freedom in no-time.

The ordinary posts come from media and carry the source links at the bottom of the post, please remember to credit the original sources.

I fight for justice and human rights. My time is precious and I am happy to help out, comments are moderated any vile goes into the general file (rubbish bin).

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I'm on Twitter: @ProAssange or at:  @Goldenjeg

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WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin

WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin
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